We Are The Union
Unhappy with the current state of ska music, We are the Union decided to stick out their own necks and try to change things for the better in the Summer of 2005. Getting a paycheck is not on their agenda. Instead of following typical ska punk conventions, WATU takes a harder-nosed approach to the genre.

With influences ranging from Philadelphia/New Jersey favorites Lifetime and Kid Dynamite, and bands like Slapstick and This is a Standoff, they rage with the best of them while still retaining a heightened sense of melody. Their love for fas... READ MORE

Welcome Blind Mice to the Family /// Sunday Songs EP out March 17

We're very excited to welcome New Bedford, MA’s Blind Mice to the label!s The band recently recorded a new EP titled Sunday Songs for their Animal Style debut, coming early March 17th - song premieres coming soon!

Fueled by nostalgia for 90s alt-rock and 2000s emo, but inspired enough to create music that’s far from rehashed, Blind Mice make it no easy task to wrap them into a neat little box of genre descriptions. They so freely and effortlessly incorporate elements of Third Eye Blind, Weezer, Polar Bear Club, and Jimmy Eat World into their music, that an attempt to give their impressive style-bending sound a valid description turns into a laundry list of genres clumsily tagged together with excessive hyphenation and far too many “meets” and “mixed with’s.” That’s not to say they’re unfocused – quite the opposite, in fact. After the release of the their first EP, the Comedown EP, in 2014, Blind Mice wasted no time. They got right back to work on a brand new EP in an impressive display of prolific determination, and headed into the studio with Clinton Lisboa at Sound Box Recording.

Welcome Heartless Breakers To The Family /// Debut LP Coming Soon

We're stoked to welcome Heartless Breakers from Salt Lake City, UT to the family! We'll release the band's debut full length in early 2015 - more info on that coming soon!

Heartless Breakers formed in the spring of 2013 and began recording their first EP "Prescriptions", which was released in July last year. After regional tours along the west coast, the band released "Lighter Doses" in January, which included acoustic renditions of tracks on Prescriptions along with 3 new tunes. Following their most recent west coast tour the band recorded their soon to be released debut full length for Animal Style out Spring 2015.

Welcome Pillow Talk To The Family /// New EP Coming Soon

We're pleased to welcome our new friends Pillow Talk from Memphis, TN to our family! We'll have a new EP from the band to release in early 2015 - more information coming soon!

Formed in the spring of 2013 and the band immediately began touring the east coast and recorded their first EP, Recreational Feelings. After several regional tours with Turnover and Foxing, wrecking their van in a tornado, and a stint at SXSW, the band came home wanting to find a new sound. They found themselves spending the summer of 2014 writing spacier and melody driven material for their upcoming EP.

Welcome Old Flings to the Family /// New LP in 2015

We're stoked to finally welcome our friends Old Flings to our ever growing family!

Since the release of their 2012 debut LP, Spite, Old Flings has contributed to four split 7” EPs released across an array of indie labels: North Carolina-based Bitter Melody Records, New York-based Tour Van Records, Tampa, FL-based Kiss of Death Records, and UK-based Speedowax Records. After several tours up and down the East Coast, an excursion into Canada, and several regional and national festivals, the band is taking time off from their semi-regular touring schedule to focus on writing for a forthcoming second full-length album.

Long Live the Broken Heart.

Courtesy Drop - Stabilize out October 28

We're excited to announce the new release from Nashville, TN's Courtesy Drop. The Stabilize 12" is due out October 28th in time for the band's appearance at The Fest in Gainesville, FL. The A-side includes five brand new songs while the B-side contains the previously digital-only release, The Quack Doctor's Sakura Blossoms, found on the band's previous release, the Songs to Drive to, Cry; and Make Love to LP. Stabilize vinyl pre-orders + new song premieres coming soon





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