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Philadelphia, PA

Philly's great. It's got the Liberty Bell, tons of annoying and disparate opinions on where the best cheesesteak in the world is, and several low-rent neighborhoods filled with good coffee and cheap booze. Why did you think all of our bands rule?

But Kite Party aren't from Philadelphia, really. Not many people are, in the "born and raised" sense. Like any other major city, Philly's music scene serves as a melting pot of young wanderers from nearby shitholes and far off-dumps alike, heralding William Penn's statue on top of city hall as a lighthouse on the beach of success and opportunity. If only.

Kite Party's new record, Come On Wandering (due out May 6th via Animal Style Records), is an album born from the transplant experience. Started in 2007 in Tamaqua, PA, Kite Party have resided in Philadelphia for the past six years through lineup changes and all that 18-24 year old stuff one goes through. With a sound that splits the difference between a youth spent listening to NOFX and Rancid and an early adulthood spent listening to talk radio, Kite Party write layered, atmospheric, driving songs about feeling off with most things most of the time. Songs like Bell, Supervillain, and Planet Away are propelled forward by a three-guitar attack while tracks like Halflife and Nest rely on a tight rhythm section and ephemeral keyboard sounds. Lyrical topics range from losing friends to drug abuse to the banality of doing laundry and back again.

Recommended for fans of The National who still like to skateboard, couples who watch the Royal Tenenbaums and the Fugazi documentary on the same date night, and anyone who wishes that maybe The Replacements had kind of been a shoegaze band.

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