Boca Raton, FL

Jonothan Fraser, also known as NORTHBOUND, comes from a different world than most of his pop-punk peers. After years of DIY touring in the punk and hardcore scenes, Fraser has a very hands-on approach to everything he does, and this has allowed him to be impressively prolific since he began releasing music under the NORTHBOUND moniker in 2012.

Though it started out as an acoustic solo project, NORTHBOUND quickly evolved to its current hybrid state between acoustic and full band. This allows Fraser the flexibility to tour even if touring bandmates Cody Badgley and Kevin Lopez are unable to join him.

NORTHBOUND’s flexibility is not limited to the live show, however. The project is currently gearing up to re-release a heavily reworked version of 2014’s DEATH OF A SLUG. The original version of the record was ten songs in length, five of which were acoustic. For this updated version, NORTHBOUND replaced all of the acoustic tracks with full-band versions and added two brand new songs. Far from a phoned-in re-release, Fraser has truly turned DEATH OF A SLUG into a proper full-length – and it feels like the way it was always meant to be.

DEATH OF A SLUG seamlessly stitches together a mixture of modern pop-punk and emo, drawing influence from INTO IT. OVER IT., DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL, and CITIZEN. Fraser’s laid back vocal delivery and straight-to-the-point lyricism are a combination sure to please fans of MODERN BASEBALL and THE WONDER YEARS.

True to Fraser’s self-starting, DIY style, NORTHBOUND plans to spend the rest of 2015 touring relentlessly – both full band and acoustic – in support of the release.

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Death Of A Slug
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