Welcome Puddle Splasher // New EP Missed Connection

Our friends Puddle Splasher are the newest addition to our family and we could not be more excited to have them on board! We're releasing their new EP, Missed Connection, digitally on November 6th.

There’s something to be said about bands that, after a release or two, have finally found their sound. But then there are bands like New Jersey’s Puddle Splasher that never needed to find it; instead, they fine-tune their sound, focus or stretch it, and ultimately master it. On Missed Connections, their second EP (and first with Animal Style Records), singer and guitarist Andy Altadonna croons with the confidence and swooning charisma of frontmen in bands as big as Radiohead or Coldplay. His voice leans into smooth, clean guitars on the opener “Rotting Heart,” a song pinstriped by strokes of acoustic guitar and stippled by Aaron Skutnik’s bass line. But on “Behind the Wheel,” guitar seems to sashay, its tone dusty during the verses; his voice stooped beneath these chords until it lunges out into the first chorus. Never does it—or any of Missed Connections—become conventional or expected, nor do any of the songs lose their catchiness. In fact, the catchiest, peppiest song on the record, “Forget My Name,” also has some of its most acidic lyrics. Here, the guitars cut across Dante Fotino’s drumbeat as it bounces with frantic energy—like a puppy that snaps at hands in his excitement—all while Altadonna sings, “But there’s twenty-five names that I don’t care to know / It pains me inside out / Have they all forget my name?” It’s contradictions like these that make Puddle Splasher’s second offering so fascinating, but they are the byproduct of a band that truly understands its identity. Instead of becoming complacent and comfortable, though Missed Connections reveals Puddle Splasher as a better version of itself—and, ironically enough, a band that has discovered much about themselves in the process.

Posted on September 23, 2015

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